Bahco Drill to suit Arbor Range 3834-ARBR

SKU: 3834-DRL


Bahco Drill to suit Arbor Range 3834-ARBR

  • SKU 3834-DRL to suit Arbors 3834-ARBR-930-C / 3834-ARBR-9100-C / 3834-ARBR-11152-C / 3834-ARBR-1130-C
  • SKU 3834-DRL-ES to suit Arbors 3834-ARBR-930ES and 3834-ARBR-9100ES
  • SKU 3834-DRL-EL to suit Arbors 3834-ARBR-930EL and 3834-ARBR-9100EL 
  • For easy positioning of holesaw into workpiece
  • High speed drill that fits all arbors
  • HSS pilot drill makes a hole in the work piece before the teeth of the holesaw become engaged, guiding and keeping the holesaw in correct position during the sawing operation
  • 3834-DRL fits all arbors and is the standard drill in all arbors
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