Bahco Garden Shear Grass 355mm (14") GS-76

SKU: GS-76


Bahco Garden Shear Grass 355mm (14") GS-76

  • Grass shear with hardened blades, carefully set for self-grinding during use to ensure a good cutting edge
  • Precise spring mechanism ensures that the blades are kept aligned in use on grass
  • Lever mechanism designed for minimum effort in operating the shears
  • Three cutting head positions to gain access to difficult-to-reach corners and edges which need trimming
  • Blades are solely made to cut grass
  • No spare parts available
  • Comfortable plastic sleeved handles
  • Self grinding when in use from the carefully set blade angles
  • Minimum effort required with the spring lever mechanism
  • Blades rotate in 3 position allowing better access in difficult to reach corners and edges
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