Bahco Garden Shear Lawn 1090mm (43") P74

SKU: P74


Bahco Garden Shear Lawn 1090mm (43") P74

  • Lawn shear for cutting in difficult-to-reach places where lawn mowers cannot gain access
  • Suitable for cutting in shrubs, borders, around trees etc.
  • 90 cm long handles of round steel tubes, fitted with black plastic covers
  • Cutting head with horizontal oriented blades, also known as duck´s foot
  • Stamped, fully hardened, double bevelled blade with black Xylan® coating, straight cutting edge, length 20 cm
  • Stamped, flat-edged, fully hardened counter blade, black Xylan® coating
  • Plastic buffer to reduce jarring
  • Comfortable plastic sleeved handles
  • Less bending with the 90cm long tubular steel handles
  • Easier access in difficult to reach areas with the horizontal cuuting blades
  • Centre bolt locking system
  • Fully hardened Xylan® coated blades
  • Spare parts available
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