Bahco Stubby Ratchet Mini Screwdriver and Socket Set 808050S-18

SKU: 808050P


Bahco Stubby Ratchet Mini Screwdriver and Socket Set 808050S-18

  • Excellent torque with minimum effort with the 3 component textured handle
  • Extra torque by swivelling handle into the pistol grip position
  • Smooth clockwise and anti-clockwise ratcheting, also locked blade position
  • Conveinient 6 pc bit cartridge in handle PH1-PH2-PZ1-PZ2-4.5 and 5.5 slotted
  • Easy single hand direction change collar on handle
  • Magnetic bit holder
  • Pistol handle ratcheting bit holder screwdriver 1/4"
  • Handle: 3-component handle with textured finish for maximum torque and minimum effort 
  • Handle swivels and locks at 30° position for application of higher torque when necessary. This is especially important in work areas where there is little room to twist the screwdriver and the user’s hand
  • Locks at 180° for normal operation
  • Interchangeable bit storage compartment with release button for quick access
  • Slide tray that keeps 6 different bits handy and secure: PH 1, PH 2, PZ 1, PZ 2, slotted 4,5 and 5,5
  • Magnetic blade secures bit in screwdriver and makes bit changing easy
  • Knurled blade makes the grip firm providing finger tip control for faster turning (rapid action)
  • Smooth ratcheting stroke, allowing three position ratchet mechanism: forward, reverse and neutral
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