Bahco Stud Extractor Kit 20 Piece 1418S

SKU: 1418S


Bahco Stud Extractor Kit 20 Piece 1418S

  • 20 piece set, black finish.
  • Material: Vanadium-Extra.
  • Stud extractors for broken off screws, bolts and studs.
  • Stud extractor set comprising of stud extractors, centring and enlarging drills and a collection of guides.
  • Extractors are the roller type
  Type/ Size Suitable Drill Size: Stud Size:
Extractors: 1411, 10x60mm 3.2mm/ 1/8in. M5-M6
  1412, 11x70mm 4.8mm/ 3/16in. M8
  1413, 13x80mm 6.4mm/ 1/4in. M10
  1414, 14x85mm 8.0mm/ 5/16in. M12
  1415, 17x95mm 8.7mm/ 11/32in. M4-M16
Guides 1418A; 1418B; 1418C; 1418D 3.2mm -
  1418E; 1418F; 1418G; 1418H 4.8mm -
  1418I; 1418K 6.4mm -
Drills (G220 HSS-M): 3.2; 4.8; 6.4; 8.0; 8.7mm - -


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