Bahco Trolley Jack 2 Tonne BH1AOZ2000A



Bahco Trolley Jack 2 Tonne BH1AOZ2000A

  • 100 % aluminium body ensures a flexible and lightweight trolley jack!
  • Only weighs 25 kg!
  • Dual pistons decrease the number of necessary strokes by 50%
  • Dust cover protects the pistons and spring, reducing the risk of damage caused by dust and dirt
  • Rubber saddle protects all surfaces and prevents slipping
  • Useful tray located at the bottom of the handle for storage of tools, screws and nuts
  • Safety pressure valve prevents overloading
  • Safety lowering valve ensures safe lowering even at maximum load
  • Lateral isulated handles for easy transportation
  • Ideal for racing and road service


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