Bahco Waste Oil Drainer Air Operated 90 Litre BOD8902

SKU: BOD8902


Bahco Waste Oil Drainer Air Operated 90 Litre BOD8902

  • Used to drain, by gravity or by suction using venture-vacuum mechanism, waste oil from engines, gear boxes and differentials of all vehicles
  • Including a wide selection of different probes applicable for a wide selection of vehicles e.g. a copper probe to be used for high temperature oil
  • Flexible nylon: 5 x 700 mm, 6 x 700 mm, 7 x 1000 mm, 8 x 700 mm
  • Rigid copper: 5 x 700 mm, 6 x 700 m
  • Adaptors: for BMW diam:12,2mm and VAG Group diam:10mm
  • Suction speed: 1,5 to 2 litres per minute with oil at 70°-80°C with 6mm probe and 8 bars/115 PSI air pressure
  • Suction air pressure: 7-8 bars/100-115psi
  • Maxi draining pressure: 1bar/14.5psi
  • Maxi draining and suction tank capacity: 70L
  • Reinforced connection between tank and oil tube to minimize the risk of leakages
  • Swiveable offset designed funnel ensures a high flexibility and 18 litres capacity
  • Metal reinforced hoses for improved durability
  • Foam protected handle for insulation and to avoid scratches on vehicles in case of an accident
  • Cooper muffler for increased tool life
  • Gauges indicating the level of contained liquid, air tank and the suction pressures
  • Useful plastic tray for screws, tools and others equipment
  • Certified according to 2006/42/EC + BS EN1494
  • Option: 60 cm extension funnel easy to position & capture fluid ref. BOD8901AC1
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