Borum Air Tool Wonder Gun (Grain Gun) P1070

SKU: P1070


Borum Air Tool Wonder Gun (Grain Gun) P1070

The vacuum gun injects small amounts of compressed air through direct nozzles to produce a vacuum at one end and an output flow the other 9 equal to 12 times the air consumption rate

Where to use:

  • Vacuuming granules, shavings, chips, absorbents and spills.
  • Blowing scraps, water, spills and pellets
  • Transferring small parts, pellets, trim and dust


  • Air Consumption: 13CFM @ 80psi
  • Air Inlet: 1/4"
  • Reversible Venturi for Suck or Blow
  • Good for Cleaning Machinery, Moving Grain, Sample Testing
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