Brady Glow in the Dark Footprint Range

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Brady Glow in the Dark Footprint Range



  • Meets and exceeds the international Maritime organisation standard IMO resolution A.752(18) And AS 1319-1994.
  • Compliant to: ASTM E2072-00/E2073-02/E2030-02, ASTM E162/E648/E662, SMP 800C. IMO Resolution A 752(18). ISO/CD 15370. PSPA Standard 002, part 2 1993, class A rev2: 09/99.
  • 10 hours illumination time.
  • Brady Glo designed to provide safe low level lighting.
  • Sold individually
  • Self Stick Polyester
  • Size 305mm each

Safety is the number one reason to install a glow-in-the-dark directional system for evacuation purposes during a power failure. BradyGlo™ Glow in the Dark luminous material was designed to provide safe LLL (Low-Level-Lighting) egress pathway during power outages and emergency situations by illuminating a path through stairwells

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