Brady Photo Identification Lockout Tag 65501

SKU: 65501


Brady Photo Identification Lockout Tag 65501



Brady Lockout tags and signs are a critical component of an effective lockout procedure. Brady’s range of lockout tags and signs have been designed to comply with every performance standard. Communicate your equipment status message clearly at the energy source to ensure safety during maintenance programs.

Make it easy to identify individual workers with Brady Photo Identification Tags.

  • Photographs can be taken with most ID cameras
  • These tags provide long lasting protection and are available in self laminating material
  • Self laminating tags can be personalised by writing on special instructions, hazards or warnings then protect and seal your message with a clear adhesive overlay
  • Constructed of Brady’s durable B-851 polyester with a 1mm polyester overlay
  • Tags are supplied with nylon fasteners
  • Photo area is 21 x 21mm
  • Grommet area is 9.5mm diameter
  • Tags measure - 76mm x 144mm (W x H)
  • Quantity per Pack - 25
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