Brady Plastic Encapsulated Toughwash® Lockout Tag - Do Not Operate Large Text PKT 10 877207

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Brady Plastic Encapsulated Toughwash® Lockout Tag - Do Not Operate Large Text PKT 10 877207



Brady Lockout tags and signs are a critical component of an effective lockout procedure. Brady’s range of lockout tags and signs have been designed to comply with every performance standard. Communicate your equipment status message clearly at the energy source to ensure safety during maintenance programs.

Tags built to withstand extreme wash down environments to improve safety and productivity through visual communications. In food processing environments, you have a dedication to maintaining food safety while helping your employees stay safe on the job. With Brady ToughWash® approved Lockout Tags, you can now warn employees of hazards and instructions, where you previously could not.

  • Standard Pack - 10
  • Dimensions - 76 x 127mm (W x H)


  • Full colour, high resolution printing
  • Formulated Metal or X-Ray Detection
  • Injection moulded plastic construction will withstand high-pressured water, chemicals and abrasion to enhance durability
  • Sub-surface graphics to protect graphics and print from water, chemicals and abrasives to enhance sign longevity
  • Metal detectable cable ties use in conjunction the Brady ToughWash® tags to provide a complete solution


  • Standard 76.2 x 127mm or 76.2 x 38.1mm
  • Variable image (e.g. personalised employee photos)
  • Serialised (for tracking and management)
  • Available in the following options
  • Photo ID
  • Metal Detectable
  • X-Ray Detectable
  • X-Ray and Metal Detectable


  • Critical control point procedures
  • Global Harmonization System (GHS) Tags
  • Inspection and Sanitation Tags
  • Lock Out Tag Out Tags
  • Valve Tags
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