Brady Pre-Printed GHS Pictogram Labels - Health Danger

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Brady Pre-Printed GHS Pictogram Labels - Health Danger

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GO Industrial can help you meet the labelling requirements of the new Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). The WHS Regulations 2011 outline specific requirements for correct labelling of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. The key changes under GHS include new criteria for classification of chemicals, standardised label format and new GHS symbols.

The GHS Pictogram labels are offered on die-cut sheets and are in accordance with the classification system used on GHS labels and safety data sheets.

Choose the appropriate size depending on the container capacity.

Container Capacity Minimum Hazard Pictogram

≤ 500ml

 15 x 15mm

> 500ml - ≤ 5L

 20 x 20mm

> 5L - ≤ 25L

 50 x 50mm


 100 x 100mm




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