Brady Safeflex Universal Cable Lockout

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Brady Safeflex Universal Cable Lockout



Safely secure multiple energy disconnects with this versatile group lockout device. SAFELEX™ Universal Cable Lockout is now available with a non-conductive red nylon cable that is ideal for electrical shutoff points and corrosive environments. The SAFELEX cable can be tightened to remove unwanted slack even after the body is pivoted to the locking position.

  • Integrated hasp and cable provides an optimal way to lock out multiple energy isolation points
  • Cable can still be tightened even after the hasp is locked
  • Available in a variety of cable lengths and materials
  • Sheath Steel – vinyl coated multi stranded steel cable
  • New nylon cable model ensures non-conductivity for electrical applications
  • Effective lockout with up to 6 safety padlocks on the SAFELEX hasp-shaped body
  • Lightweight construction for improved handling and storage


  • ABS and polycarbonate plastic
  • Stainless steel springs and locking cleats
  • Cable diameter 4.1mm


  • -40°C to 120°C


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