Brady Safety Padlock Stainless Steel Range

SKU: 872390


Brady Safety Padlock Stainless Steel Range



Featuring a heavy duty stainless steel shackle, these padlocks are ideal for Lockout applications where extreme moisture resistance is required. Available in four colours.

Safety padlocks protects workers from hazards during equipment maintenance activities.  Padlocks will keep important energy source points locked and improve safety. Brady’s range of padlocks can also withstand harsh environments.

Available in a range of colours, shackles and size options. Simply select the padlock to best suit your specific lockout program requirements and applications. Custom keying options are also available upon request.


BODY DIMENSIONS: 38 x 44 x 18mm (WxHxD)

SHACKLE DIMENSIONS: 38 x 6.35mm (L x Dia)


IDEAL APPLICATION: Outdoors, damp interiors, corrosive environments.

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