Brady Safety Plus Keyed Alike Padlock Pack (3 per Pack)

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Brady Safety Plus Keyed Alike Padlock Pack (3 per Pack)



Brady offers a conveniently packaged customised solution of three keyed alike Safety Plus™ padlocks.

Padlocks come with unique keying numbers and the option to add additional padlocks on the same keying system. These are ideal for trades people and maintenance workers who need to lock out multiple areas. Packs come with “Danger Locked Out” labels and one key per padlock. The keyed alike system becomes very convenient as these areas can be locked and unlocked by the one person with the same key.

Safety padlocks protects workers from hazards during equipment maintenance activities.  Padlocks will keep important energy source points locked and improve safety. Brady’s range of padlocks can also withstand harsh environments.

Available in a range of colours, shackles and size options. Simply select the padlock to best suit your specific lockout program requirements and applications. Custom keying options are also available upon request.

Brady Safety Plus is designed exclusively for use in lockout applications, with a 100% non-conductive body which protects workers and equipment.  Durable and lightweight design meets WH&S lockout requirements and is well suited for use in harsh industrial environments and extreme temperatures.

  • Non-conductive spark resistant body enhances safety in electrical applications
  • One piece lightweight plastic body for maximum durability
  • Steel shackle for worker and equipment protection
  • 53 Nm torsion strength ensures the security of your padlock
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant suitable for harsh environments
  • 6 pin patented keyway delivers optimum security and tamper proofing
  • Key retaining safety feature prevents key from being removed until closed
  • Ribbed padlock body to improve handling whilst wearing gloves

BODY DIMENSIONS: 38 x 44 x 18mm (WxHxD)

SHACKLE DIMENSIONS: 38 x 6.35mm (L x Dia)


IDEAL APPLICATION: Mining, manufacturing, electrical, mineral processing, confined spaces, food and beverage.


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