Brady Self Sticking Vinyl Pipe Marker Range - Hydrant Water

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Brady Self Sticking Vinyl Pipe Marker Range - Hydrant Water



  • Factory applied industrial grade adhesives simplify marker installation.
  • Simply peel the release coated paper backing from the marker and press the marker in place.
  • Banding each end of the marker with Arrow Tape is recommended to indicate contents flow direction and to secure markers to the pipe.
  • Premium indoor/outdoor grade self-sticking marker. 
  • Weather resistant inks provide 5-8 years performance.  
  • All Markers Listed Comply With AS 1345-1995

Understanding AS 1345-1995 “Identification of the contents of pipes, conduits and ducts”

Why Mark Pipes?

  • Pipe markers aid in the quick identification of a pipe’s contents – especially in an emergency situation.
  • A successful pipe identification program helps employees, contractors and emergency responders to identify a pipe’s contents where there are several pipes side by side.
  • Pipe markers also save valuable time when tracing lines are necessary during maintenance.

Where Should Pipe Markers be Located?

  • AS 1345 specifies that markers be placed adjacent to all junctions, valves, service appliances, bulkhead and wall penetrations.
  • Markers shall be spaced no more than 8m apart except for long, uninterrupted straight runs of external services where spacing shall not exceed 50m.

Marker Design/Layout Requirements:

AS 1345 addresses several elements of pipe marker design including:

Marker Layout. 
  • A marker is comprised of a printed word or words on a coloured background with a contrasting border and chevron to show direction of flow.
Marker Colours:
  • The legend and background colours of a pipe marker are determined by the pipe’s contents and are specified according to the tables on this page
  • Additional information about the contents of a pipe is communicated through the use of supplementary warning colours. 
  • Supplementary colours are sold separately as a wrap-around “band”, or can be printed on custom markers at the time of manufacture.
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