Carroll Cable Ties - 316 Stainless Steel Range

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Carroll Cable Ties - 316 Stainless Steel Range



Introducing CARROLL cable ties to the Lock Out Tag Out range. Our cable ties are manufactured with high quality, high-tech and computer-controlled injection and extrusion machines available today.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the appropriate cable tie for applications including weathering, flammability, chemical, radiation, moisture and temperature extremes. All these factors can have detrimental effects on specific cable tie materials. Carroll nylon cable ties are precision manufactured from UL approved nylon 6/6 with a flammability rating of UL94V-2. The nylon cable ties are tested to meet or exceed the tensile strength requirements.

  • Pack Quantity - 50 and 100 refer Product Range Drop Down



Primarily used for indoor applications. Life expectancy in ultra violet light (sunlight) is one to two years*. The normal operating temperature range of nylon 6/6 is -10°C to 85 °C.


Primarily used in outdoor applications. Over a period of time, ultra violet light attacks most plastic materials and reduces their properties by breaking down the molecular chain. A uniform dispersion on 2% carbon black provides UV resistance and increases the cable tie life expectancy to 7-9 years*.


Primarily used in petro-chemical, marine, severe hostile environments, flame proof installations and applications of long term external exposure or weathering where a life expectancy of > 20 years can be expected. Made from 316 grade stainless steel. Uncoated operating temperature is -45 °C to 500 °C. NOTE - This is based on the assumption on minimum loading, no chemical attack and impact free conditions.

Application Use

  • Enables secure attachment of visual tagging system to equipment.
  • Additional use of cable ties on closed electrical panel box after placing the control switch in the off position and performing verification would be considered an additional means of demonstrating full employee protection.
  • Include cable ties as an additional part of the lock out tag out procedure for easy and convenient attachment
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