GO Black Steel Hex Head Plug Range Scr BSP BS EN 10241



GO Black Steel Hex Head Plug Range Scr BSP BS EN 10241

Plugs are fittings that provide flow control by plugging branches and outlets – the name is quite self-explanatory.

Plugs come in several design: bull plugs (either round or hex), round head plugs, and hex head plugs.  Most plugs are threaded; however some are provided without threads and are referred to as socket-weld plugs.

Bull plugs have long heads and a smaller lower area where the piece enters the system.  This lower area has a thread for threaded plugs, or is smooth (plain) for socket weld plugs.  The size of a bull plug corresponds to the thread size and the outer diameter, which is equal to the nominal pipe size.

Round head, hex head, and square head plugs are plugs with a round threaded or round smooth end connection and a round, hex, or square head (respectively).  The diameter of the round head plug is the same on the top and the bottom, therefore, however the diameters differ between the top and bottom for hex and square head plugs.


  • BS EN 10241 “Steel Threaded Pipe Fittings, Screwed BSP Thread”.
  • Australian Standard 1074 “Steel Tubes and Tubulars Threaded or suitable for Threading with Pipe Threads of Whitworth Form”.
  • Australian Standard 1650 “Galvanised Coatings on Ferrous Articles”.


  • Tubulars: These are manufactured from tubing made in accordance with AS 1074 from steel with 0.06 max sulphur and 0.06 max phosphorus.
  • Machined Fittings: These are manufactured to dimensions in BS EN 10241:2000 and generally made from “Free Cutting Steel”.


Surface Condition

  1. Black Steel: These fittings are generally degreased and protected with a coating of light oil.
  2. Zinc Protective Coating: Fittings may be supplied zinc plated using the Electrolytic Zinc Coating process on finished Black Fittings.
  3. Hot Dip Zinc Galvanising: Galvanising of fittings shall be performed before the thread cutting operation, by means of the hot dip method.
  4. Zinc Flake: Fittings may be supplied Zinc Flake Coated. This process being performed on Finished Black Fittings.


  • Threads for the screwed ends of fittings comply to the appropriate requirements of AS 1722 Part 1: Sealing pipe threads and also ISO 7-1.
  • Female Ends: Normally supplied with parallel thread.
  • Male Ends: Normally supplied with taper threads.

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