GO Cast Steel Globe Valve Range ANSI 150

SKU: VGL15050


GO Cast Steel Globe Valve Range ANSI 150

  • Size Range - 50mm - 150mm
  • Design - ANSI B16.34
  • Flange - ANSI 150 B16.5
  • Face to Face - ANSI B16.10
  • Cold Working Pressure - 1960 kpa
  • Max Working Temperature - 300 deg C
  • Applications - Steam Service, Oil and Petrochemical Industries
  • Body - ASTM A216 WCB Carbon Steel
  • Seat Ring - ASTM A105+ERCoCr-A
  • Bonnet Gasket - 13Cr+Graphite
  • Packing - Graphite
  • Pin - Carbon Steel
  • Stem Nut - A1 Bronze
  • Screw - Carbon Steel
  • Hand Wheel - ASTM A356

A globe valve, different from ball valve, is a type of valve used for regulating flow in a pipeline, consisting of a movable disk-type element and a stationary ring seat in a generally spherical body.

Globe valves are named for their spherical body shape with the two halves of the body being separated by an internal baffle. This has an opening that forms a seat onto which a movable plug can be screwed in to close (or shut) the valve. The plug is also called a disc or disk.  In globe valves, the plug is connected to a stem which is operated by screw action using a hand wheel in manual valves.

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