GO Flange Range Slip On Weld Table D / E or H Carbon Steel AS2129



GO Flange Range Slip On Weld Table D / E or H Carbon Steel AS2129

 GO Industrial stocks a wide range of Plate Flanges designed and manufactured to AS2129.  Flange patterns include Table D and Table E, in Slip On Weld, Screwed BSP and Blind Flange Configurations.  Please refer to our attached Data Sheet for further information relating to Temperature, Pressure and Dimensional Information

Plate flanges are normally used for light duty, low pressure or non critical applications, commonly referring to AS2129, BS10 or AS4807 Standards.  The manufacturing method involves cutting or machining from plate steel.

What is a Pipe Flange?

A pipe flange is a disc, collar or ring that attaches to pipe with the purpose of providing increased support for strength, blocking off a pipeline or implementing the attachment of more items. They are usually welded or screwed to the pipe end and are connected with bolts.

What is a Slip on Weld Flange?

Slip On Weld Flanges are manufactured with an inside diameter that is slightly bigger than the pipe's outside diameter. These attachments are connected to the pipe via fillet weld at the top and bottom of the flange. Plate Steel Slip on pipe flanges are provided with a flat face.

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