GO Flexible Joint Rubber Bellow Range NBR ANSI 150



GO Flexible Joint Rubber Bellow Range NBR ANSI 150

  • A rubber bellow is a flexible joint made from heat resisting synthetic elastomers and are moulded in a spherical shape with metal floating flanges.  
  • Rubber Bellows are installed in piping systems tom absorb movement in three directions:
  1. Axial - the movement of elongation and compression along the centre line
  2. Lateral - offset movement from the centre line
  3. Angular - offset bending from the centre line

Material List

  • Body - EPDM or NBR
  • Lining - Nylon Cord Fabric
  • Frame - Hard Steel Wire

Working Conditions

  • Working Pressure 32mm to 300mm - 1600kpa
  • Working Pressure 350mm to 450mm - 1000kpa
  • Working Pressure 500mm to 600mm - 600kpa
  • Bursting Pressure - 6000kpa
  • Vacuity - 87kpa




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