Dy-Mark Line Marking Applicator Two Wheel Wand A19773

SKU: A19773


Dy-Mark Line Marking Applicator Two Wheel Wand A19773

The Dy-Mark two wheel painting wand gives you that extra reach when you need it. Assists in preventing back strain and improves efficiency and makes application less fatiguing. The lightweight aluminium construction makes transporting the wand easy.  Suitable for use with Spray & Mark, Landscape Chalk and Mine Marking aerosols also ideal for repetitive jobs in carparks.

  • Easy to use ergonomic design, prevents back strain
  • Versatile, ideal for surveying, construction sites or for marking car park areas
  • Suitable for smaller ad-hoc jobs where temporary marking and identification is required
  • Can be used on roads, ground repair, construction sites and athletic fields
  • For paint see product S8914
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