GO Premium Grade Line Marking Paint S6595

SKU: S6595-Y


GO Premium Grade Line Marking Paint S6595

GO Premium grade line marking paint is ideal for marking out your warehouse, premises or car parks. Once sprayed it touch dries in 20 minutes making it the ideal marking paint for high traffic areas. Durable traffic grade epoxy paint is highly opaque giving thick, colourful lines every time. This line marking paint is CFC and Xylene free and each can is 750ml which will mark up to 100m of 50mm wide lines. The premium heavy duty line marking paint resists oil, grease, petrol and most chemicals. Minimum operating temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. Suitable with the Premium Line Marking Applicator

  • Permanent heavy duty epoxy line marking paint for long lasting results
  • Formulated with high concentration of colour pigments and resigns providing high opacity, durability, semi-gloss finish
  • Durable traffic grade marking paint that quickly dries in 20 minutes
  • Suitable for large areas indoors and outdoors such as car parks, playgrounds, schools, factories and warehouses
  • Available in 6 colours: yellow, blue, green, black, white and orange


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