Dy-Mark Spray and Mark Layout Paint T0695

SKU: T0695-B


Dy-Mark Spray and Mark Layout Paint T0695

The Spray And Mark Layout Paint is a hand held marking paint that has been designed for inverted use. Fitted with the original one piece Trigger Cap, the double action valve enables you to obtain both wide and narrow highly visible marks as required for your application. Fast and convenient, the Spray And Mark Paint is ideal for use on concrete, bitumen, steel and timber. A 350g can gives approximately 120m of coverage.

  • Handheld marking paint that works upside down!
  • Double action valve for both wide & narrow marks
  • Ideal for temporary or surveying marking
  • Highly visible marks 
  • 14 Colours to choose from 
  • 350g Can, Toluene and Lead free


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