GRACO Triton 308 Conventional Sprayer Trolley Mount 233482

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GRACO Triton 308 Conventional Sprayer Trolley Mount 233482

  • Fine Finish Spray Packages
  • Apply a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal parts with this double diaphragm pump package
  • Triton is an air-operated diaphragm spray package that applies a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal parts.

Package Includes

  • 233500 - Aluminium Triton Pump
  • 233581 - Cart Assembly
  • 116513 - Air Regulator
  • 233499 - Hose Kit comprising 3/8" x 7.6m Fluid Hose and 1/4" x 7.6m Air Hose
  • 241976 - Fluid Regulator
  • 288931 - AirPro Conventional Gun .055 in (1.4 mm) nozzle

NOTE - Suction Hose not included.  Order: 245082 (5 Gal) OR (309305) 245084 (55GAL Drum) Suction Hose 300541/309303/309305


  • High quality finish, low pulsation output and smooth pump changeover deliver a consistent spray pattern
  • Quick color changes and fast material refills save time and money
  • Rugged, stainless steel or aluminium construction pump handles a wide variety of fluids
  • It is a more effective alternative to traditional pressure pots and standard diaphragm pumps.
  • Supplies up to 35% extra air flow to gun for superior atomization
  • Saves material and time during flushing, priming and color changes
  • Delivers a consistent spray pattern and uniform film thickness
  • Sprays a wide variety of material viscosities
  • Reduces operator fatigue


Data Sheet 
Brochure - Wood Finishing Solutions
Manual - Pump


Triton 1:1 Spray Packages
Maximum fluid working pressure
7.0 bar, 0.7 MPa
Maximum incoming air pressure
7.0 bar, 0.7 MPa
Maximum operating temperature
Weight (without hoses or gun)
Pail mount packages, aluminium
10 kg
Pail mount packages, stainless steel
12.7 kg
Stand mount packages, aluminium
9.1 kg
Stand mount packages, stainless steel
12.3 kg
Cart mount packages, aluminium
13.6 kg
Cart mount packages, stainless steel
16.4 kg
Wall mount packages, aluminium
8.6 kg
Wall mount packages, stainless steel
10.9 kg
Wetted Parts
See Triton Pump manual.
See Gun manual.
Fluid pressure regulator
See Regulator manual.
Fluid hoses, aluminum packages
nylon, nickel-plated carbon steel, LDPE/rubber blend (suction hose), aluminum
Fluid hoses, stainless steel packages
nylon, stainless steel, LDPE/rubber blend (suction hose)
Fluid hoses, electrostatic packages
nylon, nickel-chrome plated carbon steel, LDPE/rubber blend (suction hose)
Fluid fittings, aluminum packages
Zinc-plated carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, polyethylene
Fluid fittings, stainless steel packages
Stainless steel, polypropylene, polyethylene
Pail cover, aluminum packages
Zinc-plated carbon steel
Pail cover, stainless steel packages
Stainless steel
Noise Level
Sound pressure level
See Triton Spray Package manual.
Sound power level
See Triton Spray Package manual.


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