Mundicare Antiseptics Range

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Mundicare Antiseptics Range

    856735 - PKT 10 x 1g Sachets

    Mundicare Antiseptic Gel is essential for your medicine cabinet. With single-origin Melaleuca Oil, this gel acts as a natural antiseptic and provides soothing relief for minor grazes and abrasions.
    • There are 10 sachets in this pack and each sachet contains 1 g of gel.
    • Use it on minor wounds such as grazes, scratches, cuts, and abrasions.
    • It's made with single-origin Melaleuca Oil for natural soothing relief.
    • This gel also supports healing and helps reduce the risk of infection.

    858162 - 50ml Spray

    This Mundicare Antiseptic Spray is perfect for treating minor cuts, scratches, grazes, and abrasions. It is made using a melaleuca oil which soothes and cools while also helping to reduce the risk of infection.
    • The bottle contains 50 mL of antiseptic spray.
    • It can be used to treat minor cuts and scratches.
    • The spray is easy to use, simply apply it to your injury.
    • The active ingredient is melaleuca oil which will soothe and cool while providing protection against infection.
    • It is perfect for keeping handy in your first aid kit. 
     SDS - 1g Sachets
     SDS - 50ml Spray


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