Tradequip Brake Rotor Caliper 100mm Digital 4025

SKU: 4025


Tradequip Brake Rotor Caliper 100mm Digital 4025

The Tradequip electronic Brake Disc Rotor (Ball Joint) Caliper is perfect for checking wear, thickness and score depth of disc brake rotors.  This Professional Electronic Digital tool allows you to measure accurately and quickly. Hardened tips (with one pointed) is perfectly designed to measure scored rotors. The long jaws enable measurements deep into the rotor to achieve a clear profile of the rotor surface and the single conical anvil is perfect for accurately measuring groove depth. Reads to .0005in. with .001in. accuracy that prevents over-machining the brake rotor during the reconditioning process. This "Made for the Trade" caliper has range that a micrometer cannot handle (large rotors in the heavy-duty truck market and large agricultural machinery).


  • Hardened Tips
  • Selectable inch or metric readings
  • Push Button On/Off
  • Specifically designed for performing reconditioning and inspection work on brake rotors
  •  Pointed (Conical) contact anvil to accurately locate the deepest pits on a brake rotor


  • Range: 0-100mm / 0-4" 
  • Digital Display: 11mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.02mm / 0-0.001"
  • Jaw reach: 70mm / 2.75" 
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