Trafalgar Adjustable Splints

SKU: 856748


Trafalgar Adjustable Splints



    • Compact and lightweight
    • Retains shape and support
    • Waterproof and reusable
    • 100 x 900mm size that can be cut according to application

    856749 Finger Splint

    This First Aiders Choice Finger Splint is an adjustable splint which is to be used in case of a finger injury. The splint is compact and lightweight so it is easy to store and comfortable to wear.
    • It measures 110 W x 80 D x 4 H mm.
    • This splint will adjust to all finger sizes.
    • It will retain its shape and support your finger.
    • The splint is lightweight and compact.
    • It is waterproof and reusable.

      Product Range

      • 856748 Adjustable Splint 100 x 900mm
      • 856749 Finger Splint

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