GO X Tint Paint - We've Found Our Match

We don’t sell paint - but they do!

Since day one, GO Industrial has been fiercely independent. 

After witnessing the pain of painters who bought gear but then found themselves left high and dry when it came to support - we decided that people just wanted to deal with reliable people who treat them like a person and not just another sales opportunity, if that.

This is why we have been unapologetic in our focus to be specialists not generalists; putting a whole lot of time and energy into mastering paint application equipment without the distraction of paint supply.

You could say, we’ve fallen out of love with the attitudes, values and lack of care that major paint channels often show our valued contractors. 

But things are about to change. Like a hidden gem, a particular paint brand has entered the market and reinvigorated our love for paint.

GO fam, we’d like you to meet: Tint. 

Pain no longer. Tint has found a unique way to deliver high quality products, straight to site or your front door. 

No more endless waiting in line at the paint store only to be neglected as just another sale.
No more searching: “paint stores near me.”
No more lack of care.

Tint is changing the game. Like us, they are specialists not generalists. Where we focus on painting applicators, Tint focuses on the paint. Thus, the perfect match.

So as of today, we’re announcing a Trade Partnership between Tint and GO Industrial.


They get it. 

The recipe is simple: understand what the contractor wants, get it to them, then give them more support than they’d ever need.

Support is everything for a small business - you rely on your suppliers just as much as your clients. 

You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on gear or product, only to be left in the dark when something goes sideways. More than just money, livelihoods and professional integrity are on the table. 

This is why, at GO, we pride ourselves on taking responsibility and listening to the honest needs of people. Often having phone calls with painters that never bought the gear from us but need technical advice when something happens onsite.

Which is also why we’re excited for Tint - we’re not alone anymore!

With a team of product specialists who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, they back their products 100%. Whether a phone call or a repertoire of articles and videos, they’ll help you spec out a project with the best paint, advise on best practices, then be there when you’ve got questions onsite.

So between the two of us - equipment and paint - you can be ensured that you're running the right gear with the right paint for the job. If something goes sideways, we’ve got two teams of experts just waiting for your call.

Because, isn’t it nice to have trust in your suppliers?

As we said, it’s a simple recipe. 

They’re Independent - Aussie owned and run. 

No need to speak to 4 levels of management to get an answer anymore.

I’m sure you’ve been there - dealing with unnecessary levels of middle-management just to get an answer to a straightforward question.

Aussie-owned and independent, means that they’re light on their feet and won’t be tied down by the usual industry ‘can and can’t do’s.’ This keeps them fast and flexible, refining service offerings to serve you, the contractor, without having to parcel things via a board of shareholders.

Like us, they’re just a bunch of people who like coffee, a good laugh and working directly with customers. 

They’re Experts. 

If you've been struggling to spray a range of paints, we’ve found your haven. 

Whether it’s inconsistency in a product’s coverage quality or lack in technical information, it’s a common challenge for painters to waste time and money struggling with the product, rather than just being able to just spray it.

But Tint’s colour science and quality is next level - this stuff is formulated to spray.

Tint hits the fine balance of coverage and usable consistency perfectly. Allowing us, as the applicators, to really hone-in our finish and knock the socks off our clients without enlisting the help of NASA scientists.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Low VOC, low odour
  • Super durable

GO and Tint will also be working together to make detailed guides, walkthroughs and content to avoid you having to waste time determining best tip sizes, working pressures and technique.

We’ve done the hard yards, made the mistakes, in order to specify the right paint and equipment for your job - no guesswork. 

Did we mention that they're colour matching geniuses? 

For longer than they’ve been selling paint, they’ve been perfecting the colour matching process. By developing and distributing their patented Pico - a pocketable colour matching device - they give you the ability to paint match any brand and colour, even creating your own, instantly on-site.

Add that service to your resume.

They’re accessible. 

Like GO, Tint has embraced the craziest thing to hit the business in recent history - the internet. 

Online is what enables us to take the expertise and support we offer, package it in neat little cardboard box and extend it Australia-wide. And we’re at that beautiful point in history that you can receive that cutting-edge package, lightning-fast with no downtime.

What if you could do that with Australia’s top quality paint too?

Tint provides the complete paint package. Integrating project planning, colour matching, and product ordering in one central location - your phone or laptop.

Fast, secure and unique fulfilment that insights that beloved, “Wow, that was fast!” response.

And this service is only going to get faster. In the not too distant future, Tint is expanding distribution centres to additional key freight hubs - decreasing delivery time and increasing accessibility.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you skimmed over everything we just mentioned, this is a win-win scenario.

Painting equipment experts partnering with paint supply experts both with top quality products and service that can be delivered to your door. 

Sounds good?

And if you’re thinking, “How much will all this cost?” The same as usual.

With the free Tint Pro membership, you immediately qualify for 10% off their complete range of  paint.  So you can stop paying the same for the same old experience and instead pay the right price for the service you deserve.

This is what you do now

Want to start the conversation and get some free stuff?

Sign up for a FREE Tint Pro membership, and have their colour matching Pico, some colour sample cards and a virtual high-five from us sent to your doorstep for FREE.

No strings attached.

Any questions? Hit us up!  And, if you like what we’re doing here, stay tuned! This is just the start of GO x Tint.

Happy Spraying!

The GO Team