Room Based Prep Kit - Ideal DIY Painter Bundle


$94.30 $104.74

Just choose the number of rooms and get everything you need.

Tackling a DIY project but not sure what or how much prep gear you need? That's where this kit comes in.

  • Everything in one package - no extra gear or equipment is required. 
  • Designed for quick, convenient ordering without the need for extra tools or gear.
  • Bundled by professional painters who trust and use this gear daily. 


  • Kits for 1 to 5 standard rooms
  • Gear for
    • Filling
    • Gaping
    • Furniture protection
    • Window/door/surface protection
  • Doesn't include floor protection, because such items are reusable. See 'Try with' product for floor protection recommendation
  • Featuring trusted quality brands: iQuip, Soudal & Nordsjo

1 Room2 Rooms3 Rooms4 Rooms5 Rooms
Tape - 36mm Envo33669
Gap Filler - Soudal Fill & Paint357912
Filler - Nordsjo Fine Filler230g tube230g tube230g tube1L tub1L tub
Furniture Protection - Plastic Drop Sheets23456
Edge protection - Pretaped Kraft Paper
  - Dispenser11111
  - Refill--123
Surface protection - Pretaped Masking Film 
  - 1800mm dispenser11111
  - 1800mm refill--123
  - 2700mm dispenser11111
  - 2700mm refill--123
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