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GO x Tint Pro

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We still don’t sell paint - but they do!

Since day one, GO Industrial has been fiercely independent.

After witnessing the pain of painters who bought gear but then found themselves left high and dry when it came to support - we decided that people just wanted to deal with reliable people who treat them like a person and not just another sales opportunity, if that.

This is why we have been unapologetic in our focus to be specialists not generalists; putting a whole lot of time and energy into mastering paint application equipment without the distraction of paint supply.

But things are about to change. Like a hidden gem, a particular paint brand has entered the market and reinvigorated our love for paint.

GO fam, we’d like you to meet: Tint.

Tint is changing the game. Like us, they are specialists not generalists. Where we focus on painting applicators, Tint focuses on the paint. Thus, the perfect match.

So, we’re announcing a Trade Partnership between Tint and GO Industrial.