How to Clean or Replace a Graco OneSeal

When to need to clean or replace your OneSeal

Graco gear is built to last, but it doesn’t mean it’s doesn’t need some TLC. Alongside everyday maintenance and cleaning, sometimes you might have to go a little bit deeper.

If you’re experiencing any leakage or spitting from between your tip guard and gun, your OneSeal might need some attention. These gaskets are housed inside the tip guard and provide the main seal between the sprayer gun, tip and tip guard.

Leaking may be caused by material build up or damage to the gasket. Either way, it's an easy fix. These seals are also super affordable, coming in five packs for under $40. 

Without further do...

Here’s how to clean or replace your Graco OneSeal in two minutes


1. Unscrew tip guard from gun and remove tip

2. Using pin punch (or similar), press out OneSeal from guard

3. Clean or replace OneSeal gasket

Just a simple wipe or brush should do. For tougher cases, use a thinner.

4. Replace OneSeal using a spray tip

Place OneSeal on the end of the spray tip, align with the curvature of the top of the tip guard, then press into guard.

5. Check replacement by inserting spray tip

If it fits, then you’re ready to go!


Let us know if there are any tutorials that you would like us to cover in the comments. 

Happy spraying!