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Socket Sets

Bahco offers a broad range of sockets, socket sets, ratchets, and accessories that cater to the needs of the Tradie. With more than 125 years of experience, Bahco has acquired unique specialist knowledge in the development of hand tools. The alloying of steel, combined with meticulous heat treatment produces the toughness, hardness and wear resistance characteristic to all Bahco tools. 

All Bahco hexagon and double hexagon sockets have the Dynamic Drive™ Profile to protect the nuts, screws, and tools from unnecessary wear and damage. The profile has rounded corners and additional flank areas that transmit torque onto the screw head or nut. The additional flank area moves pressure from the nut and screw corners to the sturdier side areas to give maximum load distribution and torque. The superiority of Bahco sockets is the result of exacting tolerances as well as very high resistance to wear.

Bahco’s ratchets, socket sets and accessories give the Tradie unprecedented options on the site. They are built to make the job easier when on the tools, offering superior craftsmanship and reliability.

Socket Sets

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