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It is a sign that a company has truly contributed to the development of a product when some parts of the world refer to the brand as the product, think Xerox and Gerni.

In parts of Europe, the adjustable wrench is known as a Bahco. In other markets, the adjustable wrench is known as a ‘Swedish Key’. Both terms are a tip of the hat to Swedish inventor Johan Petter Johansson of Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad, who, in 1891 was awarded a patent for an improved design of the adjustable wrench that is still in use today.

Bahco have been producing adjustable wrenches for over 120 years; the range has grown extensively over the years, which qualifies Bahco as specialists in this product.  Bahco adjustable wrenches are not only ideal for use with ordinary nuts, but also pipes, rounded nuts, and bolts. 

The Bahco adjustable wrenches are designed and manufactured for optimum performance and can improve accessibility in confined spaces with their patented jaw and handle design which provides users with a wider and more comfortable grip. 

From these origins, Bahco introduced the 80 series of adjustable wrenches. For the best part of last century, the Bahco 80 series was the mainstay in the range. It features a traditional, extra wide, rounded steel handle, and in Australia was most commonly seen with a black phosphate finish.

Bahco never stands still and whilst there are thousands of the 80 series been sold in Australia to this day, and this series is still very much loved by an older cohort of tradesperson, they have further evolved the adjustable wrench by introducing the 90 series.

Chief amongst the Bahco adjustable wrench range today is the 90 series; it has more functions than any other adjustable wrench. This wrench has undergone the rigorous scientific ERGO™ process and offers users unprecedented ease of use.

This process involves the partnership of end users and specialists in ergonomics who work alongside each other to create exceptionally user friendly tools.  Each aspect of the tool is ergonomic from the comfortable non slip thermoplastic grip handle through to the reversible jaw that is made from high performance alloy steel. The jaw does not fall out even at maximum opening of the wrench.

Models such as the 9031- T (8”) and 9029-T (6”) feature extra thin jaws which allows for greater accessibility to that ‘hard to work in’ confined space, as well as being small enough to fit into your pocket. In addition to the famous Bahco 9029 (6”) & 9031 (8”) adjustable wrenches which offer extra wide jaws, these features are also available in 10, & 12 inch sizes, (Model no’s. 9033 and 9035).

Bahco offers tradespeople the heritage and credibility of being a pioneer in hand tool design and manufacturing. Conversely, Bahco is also at the cutting edge of hand tool design and is a thought leader within the category. Bahco continues to evolve products like the adjustable wrench so the tradespeople of tomorrow can benefit by using truly revolutionary designed tools from Bahco.


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