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The Magic 10

Now, we'll look after the details, but what do you actually need in a refuelling solution?

From Self Bunded Tanks, to Service Trailers to the humble 12V Diesel Pump, every system is viewed through the lens of 10 Key Components - what we call the Magic 10.

Every project has 10 essential components

Self Bunded Tank RangeTanks

No surprises here, you need a tank.

GO supplies the highest quality self-bunded tanks. Sometimes known as double-walled, this is a tank design that employs a dual tank system where an inner tank is nestled inside the other that is 110% capacity. This is an optimal design to catch any leakages and is superior than a mere dual-walled tank.

This reduces the risk of contamination and environmental impact, and is thus ideal for Australian standards.

Self Bunded Tank RangeStrainers

Prevent damage and keep your equipment running.

Located before the pump, a strainer filters out any small solids, ensuring that no sediment or contaminants enter the fluid system.

This prevents damage, keeping your system going for longer.

Self Bunded Tank RangePumps

The beating heart of your system.

  • What's your desired flow rate?
  • How many hoses do you need?
  • What power source is available?

These are the essential questions for any fluid system pump.

Self Bunded Tank RangeFiltration

Clean fuel saves money.

Filtration might not sound exciting, but it has the ability to save you a significant cost.

The simple reason is that dirty fuel reduces the burn efficiency in your engines.

This is outworked in two spheres: fuel filters and air-breathers.

Self Bunded Tank RangeMetering

Protect your assets.

Know how much and when your fuel is used.

Capture dispensing transactions - either mechanically or electronically.

Self Bunded Tank RangeHoses

The arm of fluid dispensing.

A relatively straightforward component, but no less important.

Here, your considerations include size, length, and retraction mechanism. Which, of course, depend o your operational needs.

Self Bunded Tank RangeNozzles

The connection point.

Are you a mining scenario? A marine, industrial, or agricultural?

Such scenarios require different nozzle types - particularly considering underground refuelling and safeguarding systems.

Self Bunded Tank RangeFluids Management

Knowledge is power.

If metering records how much fluid is dispensed, the fuel management system (FMS) records where that fuel goes.

Self Bunded Tank RangeTank Gauging

How much is in there?

A simple but priceless convenience.

No need to climb atop your tank and dip, the tank gauge will tell you the status of your fuel with both local and remote options.

Self Bunded Tank RangeSpill Control

Plan for the accidental.

Accidents happen, fuel gets spilt.

It's essential to be proactive in preparation. Have spill kits on hand compliant with Australian standards.

Waste Oil Equipment in Tank

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