Graco Ultra & Ultra Max Triax Pump Replacement Tutorial

Graco’s Ultra handheld series is the dream for most painters.

Whether you just want to avoid priming 15 metres line on your main Graco sprayer to get that touch-up, you’re taking care of some door frames, or refurbishing furniture - Graco’s handheld range hits the spot.

Convenient. Easy. Quick.

But like all things, they aren’t unbreakable. 

It’s not uncommon to try and use this rather convenient device to do a little more than it’s prescribed for - Graco Magnum or PC territory - and its build just can’t handle the long term punishment. 

Unlike Graco’s unit sprayers, the handheld unit pumps cannot be broken down into parts, so when something is really wrong you can’t just replace part of the pump. It’s the whole pump or nothing at all.

The good news is, whilst you can take it to a Graco service agent, this is a replacement you can do yourself with a little bit of time and three everyday tools.

To help you out, Anthony has broken down this process from unboxing the pump to testing. 

Check out the video:

Symptoms you might need a pump replacement

  • makes no sound
  • produces no materials
  • uneven and tails consistently
  • excessive noise

What You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • T15 star tool
  • Shifter 

Before you start, note these

  1. Don't rotate the brass gear 
  2. No fluid in the machine
  3. disconnected from power

How to Replace a Graco Triax Pump

  1. Purchase an authentic Graco pump. Choose the right pump for the right machine:
    1. Graco Ultra Corded 17M362 - Pump 17P185
    2. Graco Ultra Cordless 17N221 - Pump 17P186
    3. Graco Ultra Max Cordless 17N225 - Pump 17P187
  2. Remove all front-facing Phillips screws (the “name” side of the sprayer) and the two screws on the back with the star tool.
  3. Remove the screw from the side of the prime switch, followed by the switch itself. 
  4. At this point, you can remove the casing from the sprayer.
  5. Lift out the existing pump, and disconnect earthing cable using shifter and screwdriver.
  6. To install the new pump, gentling lift motor out of position, and attach the earthing cable to the new pump. Ensuring threat is facing downwards, slot pump into place and remove the pump safety casing.
  7. Holding the brass gear still, press motor back into place.
  8. Ensuring the earthing cable (Ultra Max's) is in position, replace front casing and reapply screws in reverse order.
  9. Return power, test and enjoy!

If you have any troubles or questions, reach out or leave a comment. It’s likely someone else will have the same question too.

Happy Spraying.

The GO Team.