Authorised Graco Sprayer Repair & Service Agent

Graco Servicing  and Warranty Centre - GO Industrial Airless Sprayer Repair
Graco Servicing  and Warranty Centre - GO Industrial Airless Sprayer Repair

Who are we?

Put your mind at ease, we're legit. And we're quick.
Fully trained by Graco to be authorised service and warranty agents.

This means that you don't have to send your sprayer internationally, wasting precious time and money. Instead, located on Brisbane's Northside, we service both locally and nationally through a comprehensive freight service.

We look after deep cleans, Graco pump repair kits, airless spray gun repairs, everything in-between. Our team has the skills, knowledge and competency to get your sprayer up and running in no-time.

What do we do?

Phone Consultations

Having trouble priming your Graco? Haven't used your gear in a while and it doesn't perform the same?

You don't have to worry about misdiagnosing or causing further damage. Just pick up the phone and one of our specialist team will be able to walk you through a some pro tips and a diagnosis process for next steps if required.

DIY Repair Guides

Consider yourself the DIY serviceman?

Many Graco repairs - like pump replacement, contractor pin replacement and the like - are very doable for you at home or on site.

For this reason, we are constantly adding DIY Graco repair guides to our website - written and video - to give step-by-step instruction to get your gear back in the game.

Regular Maintenance Services

Avoid unnecessary, mid-job breakdowns and book a service - see form below.

Whilst we will be there if those breakdowns occur, we strongly believe in preventative maintenance for your machine, which in-turn will reduce down time on and between jobs.

GO Industrial offers a basic service which includes all of the necessities to keep your sprayer up and running for another 6-12 months.

This includes:

  • Disassembly of your airless sprayer and accessories
  • Deep clean of fluid pump, and clean/inspection of piston and cylinder packings as well as the prime valve.
  • Cleaning on motor and inspection of motor brushes (if applicable)

Onsite Repair Visits

GO Industrial handles a range of warranty and repair work for paint stores and Graco distributors alike.

With a particular eye for detail, we ensure all repair and warranty work is completed in a timely manner to ensure the customer is up and running with their equipment.

If you're near by and we think we know what will get you spraying, it's not uncommon for one of the team to come to you on site.

Our Service Process

  1. Initial testing of airless sprayer to determine cause of issue. Filmed and documented on for complete transparency of what happens with your equipment.
  2. Disassembly of airless sprayer componentry and accessories: fluid pump, prime valve, transducer, gearing, motor housing, and spray guns.
  3. Deep cleaning of fluid pump, inspection of piston & cylinder packings, prime valve.
  4. Cleaning of motor and inspection of motor brushes (if applicable)

  5. Replacement of pump packings, o-rings and necessary seals (if pump repair kit is applicable)
  6. Re-greasing of gearing (if needed)

  7. The sprayer is thoroughly tested with 5-10L of water prior to confirmation of completed service
  8. The sprayer can then be collected, dropped off or freighted back to you (for a small fee).The completed folder of video and photos is sent to the customer with a copy of the paid tax invoice.

Note: GO only uses genuine Graco parts to complete the service.

Testimonial - Sam Wild

"The team at GO Industrial are very professional and fantastic to deal with. There customer service is top quality and we would not use any one else. As a company that uses spray systems on a daily basis, we require a quick turnaround with servicing and equipment. The team at GO Industrial, make sure we have it delivered the next day and our systems fixed and returned in a blink.We highly recommend GO Industrial for all your spray requirements. The are simply the best in their league."

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GO Industrial Servicing Graco Airless Sprayers
GO Industrial Graco Sprayer Service and Repair
GO Industrial Graco Sprayer Service and Repair
GO Industrial Graco Sprayer Service and Repair
GO Industrial Graco Sprayer Service and Repair
GO Industrial Graco Sprayer Service and Repair