Graco DIY Magnum Sprayers

What GRACO Magnum paint sprayer should you be using for your DIY project?

Choosing a paint sprayer can be confusing. What you're balancing here is buying power and project-to-sprayer capability. We've put together a full video you can check out here, or see below a quick guide on our three ranges of airless sprayers:


Up to approximately 4-6L in a given day.

  • Suitable for furniture
  • Small trim-jobs
  • A small bedroom
  • Section of fence of brick facade

Comfortably handle 10-15L per day.

  • Perfect for interiors (2-4 bedrooms)
  • Interior trim and doors
  • Garden sheds, decking and fencing

Major project sprayers handle 10-40L per day.

  • Perfect for 3-4 bedroom interior and exterior repaints
  • All of your property's fencing, brick and render walls and everything in-between

To make it as easy as possible, try our 'FILTER' to see what sprayers fit into which range!

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