Graco DIY Magnum Paint Sprayers

What GRACO Magnum paint sprayer should you use for your DIY project?

Up to approximately 4-6L in a given day.

  • Suitable for furniture
  • Small trim-jobs
  • A small bedroom
  • Section of fence of brick facade

Comfortably handle 10-15L per day.

  • Perfect for interiors (2-4 bedrooms)
  • Interior trim and doors
  • Garden sheds, decking and fencing

Major project sprayers handle 10-40L per day.

  • Perfect for 3-4 bedroom interior and exterior repaints
  • All of your property's fencing, brick and render walls and everything in-between

How to use an airless paint sprayer - essential technique

When starting to use a Graco airless sprayer, it can come across intimidating.

It's an unfamiliar machine, that, unlike a lead pencil, you can't just erase when you make a mistake - expect you sort of can. Be comforted that if anything goes sideways, a light sand with 180 grit sandpaper and the next coat will make most mistakes invisible.

But to avoid things going wrong as much as possible, we've put together a video that runs you through the basics of how to spray with a paint sprayer - QuickStart Guide - How To Airless SPRAY for Beginners.

It's also worth checking out Painting by Josh's YouTube channel too. You'll find everything from "The best way to tape powerpoints" to "Rolling exterior walls" - you'll be glad you did.

How to set up an airless paint sprayer

So you've got your new paint sprayer, what next? How do you set up this you-beaut paint sprayer?

In every Magnum sprayer box sent out, you'll get a Graco written manual and start guide BUT you'll also receive a flyer with a 3-part Magnum Quick Start guide video playlist we put together.

And, the starting video is How to Setup your Graco Airless Sprayer.

Be sure to check out the complete series for everything you need to know when starting out with an airless sprayer, and also how to keep it sprayer off our service bench.

How to clean an airless paint sprayer

You sprayed. It was amazing. Now it's time to clean and store your paint sprayer.

This is not the most glamorous part of the process by any standard, but if you want this machine to last you years and save a few dollars on replacement consumables, this may be the most important part.

It is essentially a three-step process to clean a paint sprayer:

1. Removing the paint
2. Flushing the machine until you get clear freshwater coming out
3. Store with the anti-corrosive solution - Pump Armour

To keep it simple, here's a video to guide you - How to clean an airless paint sprayer.

Remember, even though you're tired and you don't want to do this part, do it. You'll thank us later.