What is a Self Bunded Tank?

A self bunded tank is a tank within a tank - it is simply nested within a tank of 110% capacity of the original. This is an optimal design to catch any leakages, and reduces the risk of contamination and environmental impact. All highly desirable features for small scale, portable tank systems.

How to Choose the Right Tank

1) Size: The capacity of your tank depends on weekly consumption, geographical location, buying power and fuel supplier drop volume ability.
2) Type: Self-bunded is a preferred design, particularly for small and portable tank options. At a certain capacity, though, we move to a double-walled design - two steel walls welded together - with independent bunded areas.

Our Range


Small scale, portable onsite refuelling


Bulk onsite storage for home-based refuelling


Small footprint with integrated secure pump bay and storage


2-in-1 containerised dual compartment solution

Turn-key fire rated solution

AS19040-2017 & UL2085 approved with Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of 240 / 240 / 240


Mount your genenator atop its fuel supply

Waste Oil Equipment in Tank

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