Borum Trolley Jack Air / Hydraulic 50 Tonne

SKU: BTJ102550TA


Borum Trolley Jack Air / Hydraulic 50 Tonne

The BORUM "Industrial Quality" Commercial Jacks are made to TQB Brands specification using quality components that are built to exacting standards through CNC machining and Robotic Welding. The result is top industrial performance and reliability. BORUM "Industrial Quality" Commercial Jacks are the perfect choice for a wide variety of uses. These Commercial Jacks are carefully constructed from the highest grades of rugged steel. The super strong hydraulic pump utilises wear-resistant American Made XTP double sealing ring technology. Only the finest quality of Hydraulic Oil is used that has been tested from -25°C - 60°C.

Use these workhorses with a 145–175psi rated air pressure supply to lighten the load and provide the fast, strong lifting power you need. With several lifting options as well as included saddle adaptors…the wide range of BORUM Commercial Jacks will suit most desired applications from agriculture to mining, earth-moving to passenger transport as well as aviation and military.

The BTJ102550TA quickly and easily manages a hefty 50,000kg in the first stage lift position, 25,000kg at the higher 2nd stage extension and 10,000kg at its highest 3rd extension. This Air Actuated Commercial Jack is designed for heavy duty commercial use and features a long reach “T" handle and large rubber wheels for smooth manoeuvring around the workshop. As always with BORUM, safety is just as important as industrial standard quality, so all BORUM Truck Jacks have a built-in safety valve to prevent overloading and keep the operator safe. Additional safety feature includes a Self-Return lowering and lifting switch to ensure complete control during operation. With a low-profile minimum height of 160mm this jack is ideal for low ground-clearance vehicles and a high lift maximum of 472mm (includes additional lifting saddles), this BORUM Air Actuated Jack is a very versatile heavy-lifter suitable for most workshops.


  • Seals made in America
  • Double Sealing Function using XTP Industry Sealing
  • Telescopic air actuation lift (air-hydraulic pump)
  • Long T-handle lets you easily position your jack under vehicle
  • Self-Returning Lowering and Lifting Switch
  • Internal and External Cylinders hard chromed
  • High manoeuvrability & deep reach under vehicles
  • 2 extension adaptors / saddle plates
  • Large rubber wheels
  • All adaptors can be properly stored for transport on each side of the jack


  • First Stage: 50,000kg Safe Working Capacity
  • Second Stage: 25,000kg Safe Working Capacity
  • Third Stage: 10,000kg Safe Working Capacity
  • Hydraulic Lift: 155mm - 50,000kg (A)
  • Hydraulic Lift: 220mm - 50,000kg (F)
  • Hydraulic Lift: 280mm - 25,000kg (F)
  • Hydraulic Lift: 370mm - 10,000kg
  • Saddle Diameter: 68mm (P) 
  • Minimum Height: 155mm
  • Maximum Height: 480mm
  • Adjustable Height: 180mm
  • Handle Length: 1315mm (G)
  • Operating Air Pressure: 100-145psi
  • Wheel Diameter: 175mm
  • Wheel Base: 525mm (D)
  • Wheel Width: 230mm (C)
  • Wheel Track: 180mm (B)
  • Lift Clearance: 135mm (E)
  • Chassis: 555(L) x 290(W) x 155(H)
  • Carton: 720(L) x 370(W) x 300(H)
  • Weight: 61.5kg


Lifting Speeds

  • 0.95Mpa   70% rated pressure: 10,000kg = 1.7400mm/s .  25,000kg = 0.5932mm/s .  50,000kg = 0.2924mm/s
  • 0.95Mpa 100% rated capacity:  10,000kg = 0.5818mm/s .  25,000kg = 0.5317mm/s .  50,000kg = 0.2565mm/s
  • 1.05Mpa   70% rated pressure: 10,000kg = 1.9333mm/s .  25,000kg = 0.7053mm/s .  50,000kg = 0.3485mm/s
  • 1.05Mpa 100% rated capacity:  10,000kg = 1.6731mm/s .  25,000kg = 0.5678mm/s .  50,000kg = 0.2974mm/s

NOTE: This Garage Jack must only be used on hard level surfaces and be free to roll during lifting and lowering. DO NOT get under a vehicle that is only supported by this Garage Jack.

WARNING: Always ensure the vehicle wheels are chocked before lifting.This Garage Jack is a lifting and lowering device only and is designed for lifting part of the total vehicle. Do not move or dolly the vehicle whilst the vehicle is on this Garage Jack. 

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