Denyo DCA Series Soundproof Diesel Generators

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Denyo DCA Series Soundproof Diesel Generators



The Denyo generating system guarantees the following levels of performance:


  • 100℃ temperature rise at 40℃ ambient(JEC2130).


  • ClassF(JEC2130).


  • Within±0.5%  except DCA-400SP, 400ES


  • Within 5.0% through no load to full-load.


  • Deviation Factor of open-circuit terminal voltage does not exceed 0.06.  Telephone Influence Factor(TIF) is less than 50.


  • Attenuated to meet most commercial requirements.


  • Higher than 3 Mega-ohms, measured between armature windings and earth, field windings and earth, field control circuit and earth.
  • The innovative excitation system fitted on all models, in conjunction with the AVR and advanced brushless generator, provides fast voltage regulation in response to load variations, enabling use soon after start up. This system provides output stability during load variations.
  • Synchronous brushless alternator for minimal wear.
  • Designed to function in all climatic conditions.
  • Will safely power the most sensitive loads, such as thyristors, inverters and computer systems, without the risk of damage to these loads, thanks to the high level electrical characteristics of the generator's output.


  • Easy starting and quick response.
  • Utilising highly reliable diesel engines with low fuel consumption, manufactured by Japan's leading engine manufacturers.
  • Uninterrupted generator operation for up to 12 hours under 75% load.


  • For a particular job, you may need that extra power from your generator. With the DCA Series, the standby power rating(110% or 105% load except DCA-610SPM) can be used continuously for 1 hour in every 8 hours of continuous operation. 
  • This extra power performance of Denyo generators means you can get the job done, without the inconvenience of using another generator.


  • From time to time, at a construction site, mine site or in other situations, a large temporary power supply is required for a particular job. To meet this requirement Denyo's DCA Series generators incorporate a built-in parallel operation drive system, allowing you to create a large capacity generating plant on-site, without the need to procure any other equipment.


  • For companies that operate internationally or have motors that require power at different voltages, a different generator is usually required for each voltage setting. However, the DCA Series generators are equipped with a dual voltage system, so one generator can be used to power motors with different voltage settings. An extremely convenient feature.

50Hz / 60Hz

  • Simply adjust the engine speed on the control panel to use a DCA Series generator at either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.


  • In urban areas and at the worksite, there is an ever increasing demand for reduced noise pollution. In response to these concerns, Denyo has pioneered a soundproof and super soundproof range of generators. The DCA Series generators are extremely quiet when operating at full load, even though all soundproof models are compact designed.
  • Check the specifications for the sound level of each model.


  • All daily maintenance requirements can be performed from one side of the machine. The large doors gives you full accesS to the engine.
  • External drain plugs for oil, fuel and water are fitted for convenience in performing routine maintenance.
  • Large fuel gauge is fitted for simple viewing.
  • For major engine overhauls, the bonnet can be simply unbolted, which allows full access to the engine.


  • The new designs of the DCA Series range have achieved significant size and weight reductions over previously produced models, through improvements in coupling techniques and alternator design.
  • The sturdy weatherproof steel bonnet on a heavy-duty steel skid base allows easy handling by a forklift.
  • The balance point lifting hook (lug) fitted on the roof of each machine facilitates easy transportation using a crane.
  • All models are modular designed so that generators can be stacked, thereby making the best use of your valuable storage area.



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