Donaldson Filter Element 4um Particulate Short DBB5333

SKU: DBB5333


Donaldson Filter Element 4um Particulate Short DBB5333



The Donaldson DBB5333 Filter Element is a compact version of Donaldson’s popular DBB8666 Clean Diesel Fuel Filter. It was designed specifically for use on mobile service trucks, inside fuel dispensers, self bunded tanks, slip tanks and other tight locations.

Donaldson bulk diesel filters provide the highest level of filtration efficiency; vital for today’s high pressure common rail diesel engines. With fuel system pressures approaching 40,000 psi and clearances as small as 1 micron, fuel must be cleaner than ever before.


  • Efficiency 4 micron at beta 2000
  • Target Cleanliness ISO 14/13/11 or better
  • Flow Rate Up to 32 gpm / 122 lpm
  • Max Working Pressure 350 psi / 2413 kPa / 24.1 bar
  • Burst Pressure 800 psi / 5520 kPa / 55.2 bar
  • Collapse Pressure 200 psid / 1379 kPa / 13.8 bar
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 245 ÅãF / -40 to 118 ÅãC
  • Fluid Compatibility Diesel, biodiesel blends
  • Outer Diameter 4.60 inches / 117 mm
  • Length 7.60 inches / 193 mm
  • Thread Size 1. inch - 12 UN
  • Compatible Heads P570329, P570330, P568583


  • Requires only 11/2 in / 38 mm clearance for servicing
  • Unsurpassed filter efficiency
  • D.E.R.T. technology to prevent electrostatic discharge damage
  • Spin-on design for fast, easy maintenance
  • Use with diesel and biodiesel blends


  • Mobile service trucks
  • Slip tanks, D-tanks, Self Bunded Tanks
  • Fuel dispensers
  • Other tight spots and low volume applications


  • Use with single or dual bulk filter heads, models P570329, P570330, P568583
  • Install on pressure side of pump with arrows pointing in direction of flow
  • Allow 11/2 in / 38 mm clearance for servicing filter
  • Lubricate filter and head O-rings with clean oil or diesel
  • Install filter on head by spinning clockwise
  • Use a Bahco strap-wrench to tighten
  • Also available in kit X0111745, including P570330 head, P573681 pressure gauge and P573682 port adapter.

Replacement and Maintenance

  • Service filter when flow slows or predetermined differential pressure is reached
  • (varies based on pump spec, system dP and clean filter dP)
  • Isolate filter and relieve pressure prior to servicing
  • Loosen filter by rotating counter clockwise using strap-wrench
  • Install clean filter by rotating clockwise, using strap-wrench to tighten
  • Dispose of used filter appropriately

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