Fuel Facility Maintenance and Repair

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Your bulk fuel facility is often an overlooked aspect of your operation. We get it, each and every day you are flat out focussing on your core business.

What is the cost of your business of a safety incident, fuel spill, facility breakdown or inaccurate accounting of your fuel consumption?

The risks of not maintaining your fuel facility are high!

So, let the GO Team take on the time and stress of the maintenance management of your fuel facility. Our core is your non-core. We are focused on fuel equipment. 


What's Included in the GO Fuel Facility Maintenance Program?

1. Tank Functionality Test

We will benchmark your facility against our comprehensive database to test for general flow rate and over facility functionality.

2. Component Service

We will replace serviceable filter elements, clean strainers and provide a detailed inspection of the overall facility. All filters and strainers will be entered into our iFUEL Facility Management System to provide a preventative replacement at the prescribed service intervals.

3. Fuel Hygiene

We will test for and remove any presence of water in your tank. In turn, we will dose your tank with GO Tank Medic to prevent any microbiological growth within your bulk fuel stored.

4. Self Bunded Tank Integrity Test

We will test and re-certify the integrity of the primary storage within your self bunded tank.

5. Calibration 

We will calibrate to National Measure Institute (NMI) standards the metering on your tank. 

A commercial certificate of calibration will be provided. If required, at an additional cost, the facility can be NMI calibrated, approved and certified. 

6. Clean Up

Unfortunately, diesel does not evaporate, rather it sits and collects dirt and dust. An efficient facility is a clean facility. We will give your facility a good scrub up as part of our maintenance program.

7. Compliance

We will ensure the ongoing compliance of your bulk fuel facility to the relevant Australia Standards. You will have the maintenance records and certification to prove it.

8. Electrical

Our team of experienced petroleum industry electricians can assist with all aspects of your site fuel facility electrical infrastructure. 

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Health and Safety / Environment and Quality

The GO Team shares a great responsibility to meet our industry’s strict health and safety, environment and quality regulations.


We have a culture of compliance in health and safety, the environment and quality that helps to ensure the ongoing operation, reliability and compliance of your Fuel Facility.


We have a commitment to environmental protection as an essential feature of our service offer.


We maintain world standards of ISO accreditation for Environmental Management and our Quality Management System so we can seamlessly adapt and function as part of the customer’s team – and not just be a supplier to it.


We have a zero fuel to ground policy, and our goal is to assure safe, clean, reliable, quality storage, dispensing and metering of your site fuel supply. 

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