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GO Industrial designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of Fire Rated (Vaulted) Self Bunded Tanks approved to AS1940-2017 Section 5.9.4 and UL2085 listed. The GO Fire Rated Self Bunded Tank design features a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of 240 / 240 / 240.

This range of innovative self bunded tanks are designed to hold the contents of the primary tank, using lightweight fireproofing materials integral to the interstitial space, in a fire engulfment situation.

Our unique manufacturing method allows both the primary (inner) and secondary (outer) tanks to be fully pressure tested at the factory, during construction, thus ensuring the integrity of the tank design.  In addition, the lightweight fireproofing materials allow liquid to migrate through to the monitoring tube, so leaks from the inner tank are detected.

Being rectangular, the GO Fire Rated Self Bunded Tank range is space-saving in design




Safe Fill Level








  • True self bunded tank design with distinct Primary (Inner) and Secondary (Outer) Tanks
  • Both the primary and secondary tanks can be independently integrity tested.
  • The interstitial space is filled with a lightweight fireproofing material providing a Fire Resistance Level of 240 / 240 / 240
  • UL2085 Listed
  • UL142 / ULCS601 Designed and Approved
  • AS1940-2017 Designed and Approved
  • AS1692 Designed and Approved
  • Size Range from 1100L through to 110,000L
  • Vehicle impact protection
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Built-in leak detection tube

Installation Benefits

  • Either Diesel or Petrol can be stored indoors when using a GO Fire Rated Self Bunded Tank.  REF AS1940-2017 Clause 5.6.2 (c) page 64
  • Separation Distances are reduced when using a GO Self Bunded Fire Rated Tank.  Note as follows an excerpt from AS1940-2017 Clause 5.9.4 (d) page 73:
    • To on-site and off-site protected places, the distances given in Clause 5.7 may be halved.
    • To boundaries and public places - 2m.
    • To any security fence - 1m.
  • When storing Petrol (or indeed Diesel) a dispenser may be mounted on the tank provided it is suitable for use in the hazardous area around the tank.  Refer AS1940-2017 Clause 5.9.4 d (iv) page 73

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