GRACO Airless Spray Gun Inlet Strainer Range

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GRACO Airless Spray Gun Inlet Strainer Range

  • Airless Accessories
  • A strainer prevents foreign objects from entering into the pump and provides the first stage of filtration
  • The easiest way to maximise spray performance is to use Graco brand strainers and filters in your sprayers and guns.
  • Using and maintaining filters also saves time and money by extending the life of your equipment and reducing project down time.
  • Designed for easy field replacement, it’s a great idea to keep an extra strainer, manifold filter and gun filter with you on every project.


  • In a standard airless system, the paint passes through 3 filters before atomisation: inlet screen, pump filter and the gun filter.
  • The first filter is the biggest, the last one, the smallest.


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