GRACO GrindLazer 630 26A684 / 26A688

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GRACO GrindLazer 630 26A684 / 26A688

  • Superior grinding solutions
  • Ideal for removing traffic paint, thermoplastic, epoxy coating, and smoothing uneven surfaces—with extra power for inlay and grooving.
  • The GrindLazer® 630 is the high production choice when it comes to the most demanding scarifier jobs.
  • With its “Up-Cut” cutting direction, you not only are able to remove all types of lines found on parking lots or roadways, but also have the power to do inlay/grooving jobs.
  • Combined with the LineDriver, you’ll finish jobs faster and more accurately than ever before!


                      DATA SHEET
                      MANUAL - REPAIR
                      MANUAL - PARTS


                      Graco Scarifier Exclusive Features

                      • Extreme Duty ProStart™ System—Centrifugal clutch allows easy starting and shut off of cutters, providing one of the safest units on the market today
                      • Fully Adjustable Ease-Z-Steer™ Handle Bar System—Reduces vibration and makes turning and handling as simple as a LineLazer®
                      • Fat Track™ Front Swivel Wheel—Proven front caster wheel system makes turning and maneuvering curves fast and easy, with no need to “muscle” it while moving
                      • EasyGlide™ Wheel Mount System—Front mounted caster along with dual rear pneumatic tires makes handling as safe and easy as a LineLazer
                      • TriBelt™ Drive System—3-cog belt design optimizes power transfer and maximum load handling to virtually eliminate costly downtime
                      • LineDriver Required—Due to the safety switch interlock system on the hitch, the GrindLazer 630 with Reverse/"Up-Cut" cutting direction requires the use of a LineDriver Propel System

                      LineDriver Compatible

                      Now get higher productivity, straighter inlay, and line removal with less fatigue. Why walk when you can ride? The patented LineDriver and LineDriver HD provide the most innovative, user- friendly ride-on systems for the professional line removal contractor in the industry.

                      Cutter Options

                      • 12 Point Beam Steel
                      • 6 Point Miller Tungsten Carbide
                      • 8 Point FullCut™ Tungsten Carbide
                      • 8 Point Flail Tungsten Carbide
                      • 5 Point Diamond Blade

                      *See repair manual for complete offering


                        GrindLazer 630
                        Unpackaged — 116.8 cm, Packaged — 128.3 cm
                        Unpackaged — 71.1 cm, Packaged — 94.0 cm
                        Unpackaged — 157.5 cm, Packaged — 185.4 cm
                        Unpackaged — 153 kg, Packaged — 199 kg
                        Noise (dBa)
                        Sound Power per ISO 3744
                        Sound Pressure Measured at 3.1 feet (1m)
                        Vibration (m/sec²) per ISO 3744
                        With LineDriver
                        Power Rating (HorsePower) per SAE J1349
                        Power Rating (HorsePower)

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