GravityFlo Portable Eye Wash Station 75 Litre 87761

SKU: 877661


GravityFlo Portable Eye Wash Station 75 Litre 87761



Product Summary

  • Complies with AS4775-2007
  • 75 Litre gravity operated portable eye wash
  • Units provide continuous flow for longer than the required 15 minutes
  • One simple pull on the strap activates the unit for hand-free operation
  • Ideal for locations that have no access to a portable water source
  • Can be portable, shelf or wall mounted

856474 - optional Fluid Level Indicator

  • Attaches easily to the 75 Litre unit
  • Washes the body when it has been exposed to dangerous chemicals

    Product Details

    The Speakman SE-4300 portable, gravity operated eyewash from GO Industrial is the next best thing to a plumbed eyewash.

    The 75 litre capacity provides a run time in excess of the AS4775-2007 required 15 minutes and offers the best performing spray. A simple pull of an elastomeric strap activates the unit and provides hands free operation.

    The integral drain allows flushing fluids to be contained, avoiding slip hazards. The SE-4300 is the industry's only portable eyewash that offers an optional side fitting drench hose. The optional SE-4920 drench hose attaches easily to the side discharge port and pro­vides the ability for spot body flushing.

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