GravityFlo Portable Eye Wash Station 79 Litre 856473

SKU: 856473


GravityFlo Portable Eye Wash Station 79 Litre 856473



Product Summary

  • Complies with AS4775-2007
  • Portable gravity-fed Eye/Face wash, 79 Litre capacity
  • Ideal for any site without permanent plumbed in water source
  • Pull down spray arms with unique, high efficiency spray heads giving excellent eye and face coverage
  • Made from of high visibility, durable polyethylene

        Product Details

        The Speakman Gravityflo portable eye wash unit is designed as a first response solution, when individuals come into contact with potentially damaging chemicals, in the areas surrounding the eyes and face.

        The portable eye wash protection station is ideal for any site without a permanent plumbed in water source. It has a 79 litre capacity. Moulded from light and extremely durable high-density polyethylene. In an emergency the eyewash's bright blue colour provides the highest viability and ability to locate when the need arises.

        A Fluid Level Gauge is also available which allows quick monitoring of the fluid level without removing the cap. The design incorporates a reliable quick opening valve and easy-carry moulded-in hand grip.

        Ideally suited for use in a variety of locations such as industrial plants, laboratories, or at any site. Additionally this eyewash station can be used for first aid while in transit to hospital during emergency situations.

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