iQuip Masking Film & Paper Dispenser 22MFD355

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iQuip Masking Film & Paper Dispenser 22MFD355

A must-have weapon in any tradesman, or DIYers' arsenal! Drastically speed up the masking process by running tape, and paper/film simultaneously. This tool allows for seamless preparation and has been tried and tested by the best-of-the-best.

Sporting a 335mm replaceable blade which is easy to replace, clever ball-bearing to feed tape onto the tape and paper. 

From personal use and contractor's feedback, the iQuip Film & Paper Dispenser secures a firm hold on the tape, and doesn't slip away like some competing options. It is lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable to use for hours-on-end. The Film and Paper insert securely holds plastic film and paper. 

This dispenser is commonly used with our popular tapes, paper and film:

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