Piusi K600/4 Pulse Meter 1 1/2in BSP 000473000

SKU: 000473000


Piusi K600/4 Pulse Meter 1 1/2in BSP 000473000



  • suitable for use with Diesel

    Overview Piusi K600/4

    The Piusi K600/4 Pulse Meter is an oval gear pulse meter, designed for measuring the transfer of diesel fuel only.

    A Pulse Meter has no electronic display it is used to interface consumption information with external management systems, or indicators allowing the information to be read and stored elsewhere.

    Features Piusi K600/4

    • Flow rate: 15-150ltr Per Min
    • Fluid viscosity: 2-2000
    • Pulses: 26 Per Ltr
    • 1 1/2” F BSP Flanged Inlet/Outlet
    • Oval gear system
    • Accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration
    • Inlet filter
    • 26 pulses per ltr
    • Pressure (bar)-(psi) 20-284
    • Fluid Viscosity: 2-2000 cSt
    • Max Fluid Temperature - +60ºc
    • Inlet Strainer - 400 Micron

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